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Regd. No. SO170904       W.B. Act XXVI of 1961

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Bantra St. Thomas' Home Welfare Society

Human Resource Development

Howrah TB

Nurses and staffs of BSTHWS regularly worked and supported in distributing daily consumable items in local slum areas and received certificates from the Chief Minister of W.B. as a token of appreciation.

Nurses Training Programme

In the last years, Bantra St. Thomas Home Welfare Society (BSTHWS) has trained 55 school-leaving young women to become nurses of ANM-level (Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife). The candidates had a school-leaving qualification of 10 or 12 years and were interested in becoming nurses. They underwent an 18 months’ training from BSTHWS. After completion of the training, many of them got a job, either in BSTHWS or in other hospitals of the city. Some of them married and didn’t continue work, but they have the chance to get a job in the future.

BSTHWS cooperates with City Telegraph training center and recently also with Vivekananda Education training center to get the nurses training done. The candidates don’t have to pay anything for the training. BSTHWS covered these costs. Some of the candidates have been working for BSTHWS for several years in other positions than nurses and have shown good motivation and good work. They get the chance to improve their qualification through this training, which they can do besides their regular duties in BSTHWS. Training is on Saturdays and Sundays, and this doesn’t interfere with their duty hours in BSTHWS. BSTHWS systematically helps its staff to improve their qualification level for the future.

The nurses’ training is separated into a theoretical and a practical part and lasts altogether 18 months. The practical part consists of an internship in three different hospitals of the city. One of these internships can be done in BSTHWS itself. After the practical training part in BSTHWS, the future nurses have a specialization in the challenging task of nursing care for seriously ill tuberculosis patients. With this qualification, future nurses have a chance to get a job under the National Tuberculosis Elimination Program anywhere, if they prefer it to their job in BSTHWS.

The ANM certificate of our training centers is unfortunately not recognized by the Government and our future nurses therefore have job chances only in hospitals of the commercial sector. To get training done, which is recognized by the Government, is very challenging and future nurses would, after completing the training, get a job in the public sector and would leave BSTHWS immediately. The above-mentioned jobs under the National Tuberculosis Elimination Program don’t require the qualification of an ANM-nurse.

Nurses and all staff involved in indoor department was given special training on "Health Care Providers" on 19th March 2023 by West Bengal Academy of Pediatrics.